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2017 Publications

Boulos MI, Elias S, Wan A, Im J, Frankul F, Atalla M, Black SE, Basile VS, Sundaram A, Hopyan JJ, Boyle K, Gladstone DJ, Swartz RH, Murray BJ. Unattended Hospital and Home Sleep Apnea Testing following Cerebrovascular Events. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases. January 2017; 26(1): 143-149 (C) PMID: 27717683

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Marcotte K, Graham N, Fraser K, Meltzer J, Tang-Wai D, Chow T, Freedman M, Leonard C, Black S, Rochon E. White matter disruption and connected speech in non-fluent and semantic variants of primary progressive aphasia. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders (in press January, 2017)

Keith J, Gao F, Noor R, Kiss A, Balasubramaniam G, Au K, Rogaeva E, Masellis M, Black SE. Collagenosis of the Deep Medullary Veins: An Under-Recognized Pathologic Correlate of White Matter Hyperintensities and Periventricular Infarction. JNEN (in press January, 2017)

Meng Y, Volpini M, Black SE, Lozano AM, Hynynen K, Lipsman N. Focused ultrasound as a novel strategy for Alzheimer's disease therapeutics. Annals of Neurology (in press February, 2017)

Swardfager W, Yu D, Ramirez J, Cogo-Moreira H, Szilagy G, Holmes MF, Scott CJM, Scola G, Chan PC, Chen J, Chan P, Sahlas DJ, Herrmann N, Lanctot KL, Andreazza AC, Pettersen JA, Black SE. Peripheral inflammatory markers indicate microstructural damage within periventricular white matter hyperintensities in Alzheimer's disease: A preliminary report. Alzheimers Deementia. March 2017, 7: 56-60

Berezuk C, Zaskanis KK, Ramirez J, Ruocco AC, Edwards JD, Callahan BL, Black SE. Functional Reserve: Experience participating in instrumental activities of daily living is associated with gender and functional independence in mild cognitive impairment. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (in press March 2017)

Ramirez J, Holmes MF, Gao F, Black SE. Alzheimer’s and cerebrovascular disease: the twin towers of dementia. J neurology neuromedicine. March 2017; 2(1): 8-13

Saeed U, Compagnone J, Aviv RI, Strafella AP, Black SE, Lang AE, Masellis M. Imaging biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonian syndromes: current and emerging concepts. Translational Neurodegeneration. March 2017; 6:8

Lin VYW, Chung J, Callahan B, Smith L, Gritters N, Chen J, Black SE, Masellis M. Development of Cognitive Screening Test for the Severely Hearing Impaired: Hearing Impaired MoCA. The Laryngoscope. March 2017; 127:S4-S11

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Robertson AD, Matta G, Basile V, Black SE, MacGowan C, Detre JA, MacIntosh BJ. Temporal and spatial variances in arterial spin labeling are inversely related to large artery blood velocity. American Journal of Neuroradiology (in press April 2017)

Stamenova V, Gao F, Black SE, Schwartz ML, Kovacevic N, Alexander MP, Levine B. The effect of focal cortical frontal and posterior lesions on recollection and familiarity in recognition memory. Cortex (Epub ahead of print April 2017) PMID: 28499557

Edwards JD, Ramirez J, Callahan BL, Tobe SW, Oh P, MD, Berezuk C, Lanctot K, Swardfager W, Nestor S, Kiss A, Strother S, Black SE. Antihypertensive treatment is associated with MRI-derived markers of neurodegeneration and impaired cognition: A propensity-weighted cohort study. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (in press April 2017)

Montero-Odasso M, Pieruccini-Faria F, Bartha R, Black SE, Finger E, Freedman M, Greenberg B, Grimes DA, Hegele RA, Hudson C, Kleinstiver PW, Lang AE, Masellis M, McLaughlin PM, Munoz DP, Strother S, Swartz RH, Symons S, Tartaglia C, Zinman L, Strong MJ. Motor Phenotype in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Gait and Balance Platform Study Design Protocol for the Ontario Neurodegenerative Research Initiative (ONDRI). Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (in press May 2017)

Santiago C, Herrmann N, Swardfager W, Saleem M, Oh PI, Black SE, Bradley J, Lanctôt KL. Subcortical hyperintensities in the cholinergic system affect improvements in executive function in older adults with coronary artery disease undergoing cardiac rehabilitation. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry (Epub ahead of print May 2017)

Meng Y, Volpini M, Black SE, Lozano AM, Hynynen K, Lipsman N. Focused ultrasound as a novel strategy for Alzheimer disease therapeutics. Annals of Neurology (Epub ahead of print May 2017) PMID: 28395123

Smith EE, Cieslak A, Barber P, Chen J, Chen YW, Donnini I, Edwards JD, Frayne R, Field TS, Hegedus J, Hanganu V, Ismail Z, Kanji J, Nakajima M, Noor R, Peca S, Sahlas D, Sharma M, Sposato LA, Swartz RH, Zerna C, Black SE, Hachinski V. Therapeutic Strategies and Drug Development for Vascular Cognitive Impairment. Journal of the American Heart Association (Epub ahead of print May 2017) PMID: 28476873

Desmarais P, Lanctot K, Masellis M, Black SE, Hermann N. Social Inappropriateness in Neurodegenerative Disorders. International Psychogeriatrics (in press June 2017)

Boulos MI, Wan A, Black SE, Lim AS, Swartz RH, Murray BJ. Restless Legs Syndrome after High Risk TIA and Minor Stroke: Association with Reduced Quality of Life. Sleep Medicine (in press June 2017)

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Shirzadi Z, Stefanovic B, Chappell MA, Ramirez J, Schwindt G, Masellis M, Black SE, MacIntosh BJ. Enhancement of automated blood flow estimates (ENABLE) from arterial spin-labeled MRI. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Epub ahead of print July 2017) PMID: 28681479