Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 2016

Toronto, Canada

Pathological Correlates Associated with Antemortem Neuropsychological Performance in Alzheimer's Disease

Brandy L. Callahan, Simon Duchesne, Sandra E. Black

Atrial Fibrillation is Independently Associated with Structural and Cognitive Markers of Neurodegeneration

Jodi D. Edwards, Joel Ramirez, Brandy L. Callahan, Courtney Berezuk, David J. Gladstone, Sandra E. Black

Sex Differences in Perivascular Space Burden in Alzheimer's Disease and Normal Elderly

Courtney Berezuk, Joel Ramirez, Sandra E. Black

Diagnostic Disagreement Among Major Consensus Criteria for Alzheimer's Disease When Compared to the NINCDS-ADRDA

Benjamin Lam, Alexandra Kim, Kie Honjo, Isabel W. S. Lam, Alex Kiss, Donald T. Stuss, Morris Freedman, Mario Masellis, Sandra E. Black

Perivascular Distribution and Variable Progression of Focal White Matter Hyperintensities in Alzheimer's Disease

Fuqiang Gao, Joel Ramirez, Mario Masellis, Sandra E. Black

Cerebral Microbleeds and Posterior Perivascular Spaces in Alzheimer's Disease Patients from the Sunnybrook Dementia Study

Joel Ramirez, Courtney Berezuk, Raza Noor, Alexandra Kim, Melissa F. Holmes, Fuqiang Gao, Sandra E. Black