14th International Conference on Alzheimer's & parkinson's Diseases 2019

Lisbon, Portugal


White matter hyperintensities and cognition in Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia- does APOE-ɛ4 modulate the association?

Saira Saeed Mirza, Saeed U, Knight J, Ramirez J, Stuss DT, Keith J, Nestor SM, Yu D, Swardfager W, Rogaeva E, St. George Hyslop P, E. Black SE, Masellis M, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
In this paper, authors have looked at the influence of APOE-e4 on the association of WMH and cognition in a group of AD and DLB patients together (treated as one group). The findings suggested that association of WMH and cognition was much stronger in persons with e4 allele. The authors have replicated their findings in ADNI cohort and ran a meta-analysis of estimates from the two studies as well for more robust results. The Junior Faculty Award was presented to Saira Saeed Mirza as one of the 20 young researchers at the AD/PD selected from ~2200 student presenters, based on the presented abstract and their overall research achievements.