Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Conference 2014

Ottawa, Canada

Semi-automatic segmentation for obtaining regional volumetrics of Virchow-Robin spaces in Alzheimer’s and elderly populations

Courtney Berezuk, Joel Ramirez, Alicia A. McNeely, Fuqiang Gao, Christopher J.M. Scott, Samantha Barbosa, Sandra E. Black

Cholinergic subcortical hyperintensities: Relationships with cognitive dysfunction and hippocampal atrophy

Alicia A. McNeely, Joel Ramirez, Sean M. Nestor, Jiali Zhao, Fuqiang Gao, Alex Kiss, Donald T. Stuss, Sandra E. Black

MRI protocol harmonization for neurodegeneration, vascular diseases and brain injury: Regional, provincial and national cohorts

Christopher J.M. Scott, Joel Ramirez, Robert Bartha, Eric E. Smith, Stephen C. Strother, Sandra E. Black, Simon Duchesne